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A Short History of CIMarE

For many years, marine engineers in Canada relied on the Institute of Marine Engineers (IMarE), located in London, England, for professional support and development.

The IMarE, managed for many years by J. Stuart Robinson, is now known as the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) and continues to offer world-wide services from London.

IMarE set up a Canadian Division with seven branches across Canada, managed by T.M. Pallas. Tom was able to provide support for Canada’s marine engineers and arranged for some Canadian submissions to the Marine Engineers Review (MER) – published by IMarE to this day.

Unfortunately, a number of the Canadian Members and Fellows of IMarE felt they were too distant from their professional association and IMarE was a little out of touch with its Canadian members. In the 1970’s, these Canadian engineers began to discuss the possibility of launching a Canadian institute to provide in-country support for Canada’s marine engineers. So it was that, in 1976, Letters Patent were received and the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers (CIMarE) was born. Several years later, the Institute’s name was changed to the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (with the same acronym – CIMarE).

The Canadian Institute became the sponsor for the seven existing IMarE Branches; later a Prairies & North Branch was formed, but it was not sustainable. In addition, Area Coordinators were appointed at a number of centres across Canada where marine engineers were employed. This concept also was not sustainable and was set aside. Although a significant number of marine engineers in Canada retained their IMarE memberships, the Canadian operation was a success and members responded well to the presence of our own Institute in Canada.

In 1978, the National Council, working with the Atlantic Branch, arranged for a Marine Engineering Technical Conference to be known as Mari-Tech. In 1979, the Atlantic Branch was the host of the inaugural event that was to establish a new tradition for CIMarE. Successive branches have, in rotation, continued to host a Mari-Tech each year.

Efforts were made to provide access to the MER for CIMarE members, but despite extended negotiations between CIMarE and IMarE, there ultimately was no practical solution. So it was that a Canadian publication was born, the Marine Engineering Digest (MED) and some very good articles were published along with Branch news. There was also an attempt to integrate the annual fees but each entity found it necessary to receive full fees such that a smaller combined fee for membership in both Institutes was not possible. There was created an Overseas Affiliate – non-voting members of IMarE who would, for a reduced fee, receive the MER.

In later years, limited budgets and volunteer efforts led the Institute to join forces with Brian Gallery’s Seaports and the Shipping World for publication of the Marine Engineering Digest (MED). Later Seaports joined Canadian Sailings, Transportation & Trade Logistics, to publish the MED. Currently, the MED is published in house and sent via email to those members with internet access. As well, the MED is available online as one of the member resources available in the Members Only area of this website.

Our Honourary President

For many years, CIMarE has named an important figure in the marine engineering community to act as our Honourary President. Our current president is Mr. Bud Streeter. For more information and a list of past Presidents, please go to the Honourary President page.

National Council 

The Institute is governed by a National Council made up of a Council Representative from each of the seven Branches, plus one member at large. For more information, please visit our National Council page. Day-to-day management of CIMarE is provided by our National Administrator.


Institute Bylaws were prepared and put into place soon after the initial formation of the Institute in 1976. There were several Bylaw amendments over the years, the most recent one being in 2013. For additional Bylaw information, please visit our Bylaw pages.

Honour Roll

The CIMarE recognizes those who have contributed substantially, through hard work and dedication to the organization, with an Honourary Life Membership. If there is someone you feel is deserving of such recognition, please bring him or her to your local Branch’s attention.

The following is a list of those who have been recognized with this honour to date:

  • Colin R. Brown
  • H.R.C. Doherty
  • Brian Keefe
  • Len Perrigo
  • Gernot Seebacher
  • David Simpson
  • Gordon Champion
  • Gus Edlund
  • Gerry Lanigan
  • John R. Pirquet
  • Donald W. Wilson
  • Michael Weaver
  • Kavas Dadachanji
  • T.R. Forsyth
  • John Moriarty
  • Keith Rusby
  • Jeffrey J. Smith
  • Philip Dauphinee
  • Alan Dawson
  • Joe Gamble
  • John H. Moyes
  • Bob Rutherford
  • J.L. Smith

Our Mari-Tech Exhibitions & Technical Conferences

Soon after its formation in 1976, CIMarE began the annual practice of holding technical conferences in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting. The first Mari-Tech was hosted by our Atlantic Branch in 1979.

Since that time, the Institute, each year, has provided a positive learning and networking opportunity for the marine community with our Branches taking turns hosting a Mari-Tech Conference. For additional information concerning Mari-Tech events and to visit sites from previous conferences, please visit the Mari-Tech website.

The Mari-Tech events each year are managed by the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering and its Branches coast-to-coast and the Mari-Tech website is the property of CIMarE.