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The CIMarE presents several awards, spread across a broad spectrum of the marine engineering community.

The CIMarE Medal of Excellence 

The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering’s Medal of Excellence recognizes an individual’s outstanding contribution to marine engineering in Canada, including technical innovation, sea-going service, substantial leadership in the industry or the teaching of marine engineering.  The Medal is the hallmark of achievement in Canada’s marine engineering profession.

Award of the Medal will be made annually to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident by the National Council on the basis of nominations from Institute members and others in Canada’s marine engineering sector.  Written nominations will be kept confidential and the Council will not disclose its inquiries or deliberations into making the award.  The Medal of Excellence will ordinarily be presented at the annual Mari-Tech conference and exhibition.

The award of the Medal of Excellence is not restricted to members of the Institute.  All persons who may have made a meritorious, substantial and lasting contribution to marine engineering in Canada, through the operation of vessels at sea, the management and work of marine transportation enterprises and shipyards, the design of vessels, the promotion of safety of life at sea, government regulation, or the pursuit of excellence in the marine engineering field are eligible for the award.  The Medal is distinct from recognition within the Institute, including Honorary Life Membership and the recently created appointment of Fellow of the Institute.

Please note that serving members of National Council or any Branch Executive are not eligible. There is no bar to nominating previous winners or nominees.

Nominations for 2021 will open in October.

The CIMarE Medal of Excellence – 2019 Awarded to Darryl J. Hansen

Darryl Hansen joined the Canadian Forces in 1970 and upon graduating from the Royal Military College in Kingston, he continued his training to earn his Naval Engineering Certificate of Competency Level II, before being selected to attend the master’s degree program in marine engineering at the Royal Naval Engineering College in the UK.

After returning to Canada he was appointed chief engineer officer of HMCS Huron. On promotion to the rank of Commander, he was made the Leadyard Commander for the construction of the Canadian Patrol Frigate Halifax class vessels. Following this appointment, he was Squadron Technical Officer for the navy’s Pacific training fleet, and then the Deputy Chief of Staff for Ships Systems Readiness and the Senior Staff Officer responsible for environment protection in Maritime Forces Pacific.

Upon leaving the Canadian Forces in 1993, Mr. Hansen was responsible for creating a new in-service support contractor for the navy’s new Kingston class vessels. In 2003, he served as the first Chief Executive Officer of a newly created subsidiary shipyard and fleet maintenance organization for BC Ferries, Deas Pacific Marine Inc. In 2008 he assumed his most recent employment as Chief Engineer for Babcock Canada Ltd. supporting Canada’s fleet of Victoria class submarines.

Mr. Hansen is a professional engineer, a Fellow of the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association and has been a long-time member of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering.

Fellows of the Institute

The designation Fellow of the Institute will recognize those who have made a significant contribution to CIMarE as well as to the Canadian marine industry.  For members to qualify as a Fellow they must:

  • Have been a member of CIMarE for 10 consecutive years
  • Have served as a member of a branch executive or national committee for 3 years
  • Have or hold one of the following:

– a Transport Canada issued Certificate of Competency as a First Class Marine Engineer or as a Second Class Marine Engineer

– a Royal Canadian Navy Engineering MARE Marine Systems officer Head of Department Qualification, or the equivalent as determined by the Council

– a Royal Canadian Navy Certificate 4 or Certificate 3 for Marine Engineering Technicians

You can nominate yourself and you can propose others. Once approved by both your Branch and National Council, a Fellow will receive a Certificate and the right to include the designation FCIMarE following their names on business stationary and correspondence. As well, their names will be published on the website and in the Marine Engineering Digest from time to time.

An application form is available here.

Note: A Fellow will be required to pay annual dues.

Previous Medal of Excellence Recipients:

  • 2013 – Bud Streeter
  • 2014 – Thomas Ward
  • 2015 – Malcolm Barker
  • 2016 – Ken Harford
  • 2017 – Wendy Tadros
  • 2018 – William B Jamer
  • 2019Darryl J. Hansen

TM Pallas Award

The TM Pallas Award is given to graduates of the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The instructors nominate the students receiving the highest combined occupation level course average and certification board mark while qualifying for their Marine Engineering Certificate 4 and Certificate 3.

The graduates receive a certificate and an engraved plaque in recognition of their academic excellence.