• 18 Cheviot Hill, Porters Lake, NS B3E 1K1

Mission, Vision and Objectives of

The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering


Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute is to advance the practice and science of marine engineering and technology in Canada.


To provide a platform for peer and corporate networking and development for those working in marine engineering and marine technology industries in Canada.


  • To prescribe standards and prerequisites of knowledge and experience for election to membership in the Institute.
  • To enable marine engineers and marine technologists to meet and correspond. To facilitate the interchange of ideas through the publication and circulation of pertinent technical information.
  • To engage with kindred professional associations.
  • To foster relationships with the marine education/training establishments and others in the furtherance of the science and practice of marine engineering.
  • To liaise with other agencies in the improvement of existing and the development of new regulations relating to the marine industry.
  • To do any such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objectives.