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Coming Events

Vancouver Island Branch Meeting and Technical Presentation


Thursday’s presenter will be Klaus Kreye from BC Hydro.

He’ll be speaking about power supply to Vancouver Island and particularly to the challenges of providing cold-ironing capability at the Ogden Point piers.

He’ll welcome all questions, not just particular ones to the topic above, recognizing that his expertise and ours overlaps in the field of shorepower requirements of large cruise ships. and there are a wide range of interesting electrical issues in play on our Island.

The meeting will use CIMarE’s GoToMeeting software as its platform

It’s an easy platform to use  (trust me on this……….I’ve had no problems using it, and I’m no computer whiz……)

The site will open at 1900; the first 30 minutes are the equivalent of the friendly conversations prior to our in-person meetings, and can also provide time to salt down minor procedural glitches.  The presentation will start at 1930 from your favorite browser, log into the members only area and view the event to get the GoTo Meeting Link.

Our Web Meeting Coordinator, Brian Merz, will be onsite to support us if there is a hiccup, and can be reached by phone at 236-562-4738 once the site opens.

This new media platform will widen the scope of future potential presentations and it will enable us to stay in contact with one another both visually and audibly.

Our first few virtual Branch meetings  have been excellent.

I hope that all who can will partake of this opportunity to be part of a significant step forward in the Vancouver Island Branch’s future.

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Technical Presentation: Schoenrock Hydraulik Marine Systems – Access in Motion


DATE: TUESDAY, January 12th 

TIME: 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PACIFIC, 1:00 pm ATLANTIC, 1:30 pm NFLD)

Schoenrock Hydraulik Marine Systems – Access in Motion

Abstract: Water ingress caused by a damage of the ships hull is next to fire the second main threat for the life of crew members of a ship and the vessel itself. To keep the vessel afloat and control the effects of such an ingress is therefore a vital task of ship designer, crew members and finally supplier of equipment against this impact. Integrity stability calculation and damage control can save the vessel against sinking and so the crew of getting into a serious, probably lethal situation. Schoenrock Hydraulik Marine Systems is with their products part of the solution to keep damaged vessels at the water surface and to secure it against a worst-case scenario.

The presentation should give a view to the state-of-the-art technology of modern watertight door systems as well as watertight shell doors and hatches. The focus will be at the sliding door solutions, available drive concepts and actual developments how to get the doors tight up to 50m water column. Finally, some special designs like combined A60 fire rated watertight doors and shock-approved door solutions will be shown.

The presenter:

Dr. Ing. Volker Behrens, Managing Director, Schoenrock Hydraulik Marine Systems

Dr.-Ing. Volker Behrens is working since more than 12 years for Schoenrock. Staying 12 years in the German Navy as a technical and damage control officer and a later position as sales manager for air-conditioning and fire-fighting systems are a perfect background to understand not only the technology of watertight doors and hatches, but also consider the whole aspects of protecting vessels against damages with water ingress.

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Historical Events

Canadian-Finnish cooperation on New Arctic Marine Technologies

Presentation by Team Arctic Finland

Date: December 2nd, 2020, at 9:00 am to 11:15 am Eastern

Team Arctic Finland and Embassy of Finland in Ottawa are happy to invite you to join the webinar “Canadian-Finnish cooperation on New Arctic Marine Technologies”. 

Registration is not compulsory, but to enable further networking, you may provide your personal data voluntarily and give your approval to share this data among the webinar participants afterwards.

 You can register yourself here.

You can also forward this invitation within your organization.

The webinar will be organized in Teams. Please use the link below to join the webinar.

For Q&A, please use the Teams chat.


Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

Learn More | Meeting options


Should you have any questions, please contact Anu Vaahtera, Project Manager of Team Arctic Finland (email: anu.vaahtera@gaia.fi, SMS or WhatsApp +358 50 563 0326).

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Technical Presentation by GE Power Conversion: Harry DeWolf-Class AOPS



TIME: 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PACIFIC, 1:00 pm ATLANTIC, 1:30 pm NFLD)

GE Powering the RCN’s first All Electric Vessels: the Harry DeWolf-Class  Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship

Learning Objective: to inform the Canadian Marine Industry about GE’s technology embodied in the modern  electric propulsion systems for ice class ships, with a focus on the RCN’s newest Class, the Arctic and Offshore  Patrol Ships (AOPS).

Abstract: The first AOPS, HMCS Harry DeWolf, was delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy on July 31, 2020, in  Halifax. This lead ship is the first of six vessels for the RCN with two variants to be built for the Canadian Coast  Guard. At 103 metres and 6,615 tonnes, HMCS Harry DeWolf is the largest RCN ship built in Canada in 50  years. All eight ice class vessels will be built by Irving Shipbuilding Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are  powered by GE Power Conversion’s integrated full-electric propulsion system, with the engines, shaftlines  and propellers provided by GE’s consortium partner MAN Energy Solutions – Canada. 

This presentation will describe the key characteristics of GE’s recent high voltage and low voltage solutions  for IACS Polar Class 5 vessels including “Active Front End (AFE)” and “Diode Front End (DFE)” variable  frequency drive configurations. GE provided low voltage AFE propulsion for the Chilean Antarctica now  under construction by ASMAR, high voltage AFE propulsion for South Africa’s Antarctic vessel S.A. Agulhas II,  and high voltage DFE propulsion for the eight AOPS.


 Gene Joelson, P.Eng., CD1, M.Eng., M.Sc., M.B.A.

Manager Business Development, GE Energy Power Conversion Canada Inc.

Mr. Joelson spent several years at sea in senior engineering positions in the ships and submarines of the  RCN. He holds advance degrees in engineering and business management. Gene is responsible for the  development of GE Power Conversion’s marine business in Canada. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, he  works closely with Power Conversion’s technology centres in the US, UK and France to bring GE’s world  class electric ship propulsion technology to Canada.

Please RSVP with the St. Lawrence Branch if you are interested in attending. st.lawrence-branch@cimare.ca 

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Vancouver Island Member Meeting – November


DATE: THURSDAY, November 19th, 2020 

TIME: 19:00 PACIFIC (22:00 EASTERN, 23:00 ATLANTIC, 23:30 NFLD)


A presentation with a blend of construction diagrams, history, objectives and sea stories leading up to descriptions of the new dolphin project at Odgen Point, BC


Mark Crisp, Director, Infrastructure,

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

Mark is responsible for planning and implementation of Asset and Capital works programs/projects for Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

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Technical Presentations: Overview of HALIFAX Class Frigate Diesel-Electric Generators Replacement Project


DATE: TUESDAY, November 10th 

TIME: 13:30 pm EST (10:30 am PACIFIC, 14:30 pm ATLANTIC, 15:00 pm NFLD)

Overview of HALIFAX Class Frigate Diesel-Electric Generators Replacement Project

The paper will primarily focus on Navy’s technical requirements and technologies utilized to meet the demands for vibration and shock isolation, as well as an overview of the shock trial process.


Michael Janes, Technical Project Manager, Commercial Engine Division

Toromont Inc. Nova Scotia

Mr. Janes is in-charge of directing the Engineering Group towards a technical solution of the HALIFAX Class DG Replacement Project. He has 23 years experience in the marine field and has been with Toromont for 15 years.


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Technical Presentation by CLEAR SEAS

Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Time: 1900 Pacific Time, with the presentation starting at 1930

Presenter: Bud Streeter, Chairman

CLEAR SEAS provides impartial information on marine shipping in Canada to policy makers and the public.

Their mandate is to initiate and interpret research, analyzer policies, identify best practices, share information, and facilitate dialogue.

Their research focuses on the human, environmental, and economic  impacts of marine shipping; topics such as safe bulk material handling, impacts of oil and liquid natural gas shipping activities, spill prevention, impacts on Indigenous communities, and other similar topics.

Bud Streeter is well known in the marine community across Canada.  Canadian Coast Guard service, Instructor at the CCG College,

TCMS Director General of Marine Safety, Lloyd’s Register’s VP North America, and other positions.

He is a well-grounded and engaging presenter.

The meeting will use CIMarE’s GoToMeeting software as its platform

Log into the Members Only Section of the Website to get the Go To Meeting Link


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Marine Industry Supply Chains of Canadian Shipyards

You are invited to register for a special presentation on the Marine Industry Supply Chains o Canadian Shipyards in the Era of the National Shipbuilding Strategy

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

Time: 1 pm Ottawa time EST (2:30 pm St John’s, 2 pm Halifax, noon Winnipeg, 11 am Calgary, 10 am Victoria),

Marine Industry Supply Chains of Canadian Shipyards in the Era of the National Shipbuilding Strategy

The Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association in collaboration with the Royal United Services Institute of Nova Scotia extends an invitation to members of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers to hear video-conference presentations Wednesday, 14 October, titled “Marine Industry Supply Chains of Canadian Shipyards in the Era of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.”

The esteemed presenters are:

Steven Christianson, Vice President Supply Chain Management, Seaspan Shipyards (https://www.seaspan.com/corporate-team/steven-christiansen);

Lindsey Kettel, Executive Vice President, Chantier Davie Canada (https://www.davie.ca/management/2768/);

Philippe Flébus, Director Procurement & Infrastructure, Ocean Group (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippeflebus/);


Canadian Shipyards have a significant impact for the national and local economies through their supply chains.  These three experts share their views on:

  • The economic impact of their projects;
  • Canadian aspects of their supply chain — size, geographic distribution and number of companies;
  • How other companies might get involved in current or future projects; and
  • How Canadians yards could position themselves for future national and international opportunities, and how supply chains and governments might assist.


The event will start at 1 pm Ottawa time EST (2:30 pm St John’s, 2 pm Halifax, noon Winnipeg, 11 am Calgary, 10 am Victoria), Wednesday, 14 October, then be followed by Q&A and finish by 3 pm Ottawa time.


Registration is required.  There is no fee to attend this event.  To register, email RUSINovaScotia@gmail.com by close of business Sunday, 11 October.  As the subject line for your registration email, put “CMISA 14 October 2020 Registration”.  In addition to your name please also provide your company or organization.


The event will be by Zoom.  Instructions will be emailed to registrants by end Monday, 12 October.


CMISA/RUSI(NS) events may be cancelled at short notice.  Email RUSINovaScotia@gmail.com if there is a question about an event occurring.

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