DATE: Thursday, May 11th, 2023

TIME: 12:00 Atlantic (8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, 12:30 NFLD)

Location: Brightwood Golf and Country Club,

(In person) and GoTo Meeting Video Link through CIMarE.

Timing: 1215-1315 (Please arrive at 1200 as presenter will start at 1215)

Note: Clubhouse lunch will be available for purchase and delivered at 1315 once speaker finishes presenting and questions!!

Expert Witnesses: The Superheroes of Witnesses


Norm Letalik presents a survey of the special role that experts play in the litigation process including assessing matters to determine fault, recording evidence, interviewing witnesses, preparing reports and testifying in courts or at arbitrations or assisting in finding solutions at mediations.


The special powers given to expert witness come with additional responsibilities to the court to provide objective expert opinion and to interpret facts and educate the court so that the evidence can be better understood by the trier of fact. Unlike ordinary witnesses, expert witnesses may testify on evidence that would otherwise be excluded as hearsay evidence. We will review what characteristics courts expect experts to possess and how experts need to communicate with lawyers retaining them. Experts need to comport themselves as being independent so that their message will be heard and adopted by the courts.


Norm Letalik , M.A LL.B  LL.M

Norm Letalik, has been called to the Bar in Ontario since 1989 and to the Rolls as a Solicitor in England and Wales since 1998.  He practiced as a litigator in BLG’s Toronto office for 28 years handling all matter of marine, aviation and product liability claims.  Following his retirement from private practice he was General Counsel for Volkswagen Group Canada and now resides in Halifax and is Counsel to Metcalf and Company.  Prior to practicing law, Norm was a law professor at Dalhousie Law School and a Research Associate and Assistant Director of the Dalhousie Ocean Studies Program