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Expert Witnesses: The Superheroes of Witnesses


DATE: Thursday, May 11th, 2023

TIME: 12:00 Atlantic (8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, 12:30 NFLD)

Location: Brightwood Golf and Country Club, https://www.brightwoodgolf.ca/

(In person) and GoTo Meeting Video Link through CIMarE.

Timing: 1215-1315 (Please arrive at 1200 as presenter will start at 1215)

Note: Clubhouse lunch will be available for purchase and delivered at 1315 once speaker finishes presenting and questions!!

Expert Witnesses: The Superheroes of Witnesses


Norm Letalik presents a survey of the special role that experts play in the litigation process including assessing matters to determine fault, recording evidence, interviewing witnesses, preparing reports and testifying in courts or at arbitrations or assisting in finding solutions at mediations.


The special powers given to expert witness come with additional responsibilities to the court to provide objective expert opinion and to interpret facts and educate the court so that the evidence can be better understood by the trier of fact. Unlike ordinary witnesses, expert witnesses may testify on evidence that would otherwise be excluded as hearsay evidence. We will review what characteristics courts expect experts to possess and how experts need to communicate with lawyers retaining them. Experts need to comport themselves as being independent so that their message will be heard and adopted by the courts.


Norm Letalik , M.A LL.B  LL.M

Norm Letalik, has been called to the Bar in Ontario since 1989 and to the Rolls as a Solicitor in England and Wales since 1998.  He practiced as a litigator in BLG’s Toronto office for 28 years handling all matter of marine, aviation and product liability claims.  Following his retirement from private practice he was General Counsel for Volkswagen Group Canada and now resides in Halifax and is Counsel to Metcalf and Company.  Prior to practicing law, Norm was a law professor at Dalhousie Law School and a Research Associate and Assistant Director of the Dalhousie Ocean Studies Program

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Green house Gas (GHG) Emissions for Domestic Fleet


DATE: Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

TIME: 12:00 Eastern (9:00 Pacific, 13:00 Atlantic, 13:30 NFLD)

Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions for Domestic Fleet – Transport Canada


This presentation will cover the Transport Canada’s plan to greenhouse gas (GHG) targets for the domestic fleet. Special attention will be brought to the previous two reports from ABS, the next steps and the working groups with industry in order to develop a domestic reference line for GHG targets.

Furthermore, how the various fuels affect the Carbon Indicator Index (CII) towards the zero-emission goal for 2050 will also be covered.


Suzie Fortin , Transport Canada Marine Safety & Security

Director, Environmental Programs and Protection Standards

Suzie Fortin holds a degree in metallurgical engineering and a MBA in business management.
She joined the Naval Reserve in 1998 and the Public Service in 2007. Suzie managed various ships and submarines refits for the Canadian Navy from 2007 until 2014. She joined Transport Canada as a Senior Marine Safety Inspector in 2014 and managed the Audits of Classification societies until she left for the Canadian Coast Guard to manage the delegation of their 140 ships into the mandatory Delegation Statutory Inspection Program (DSIP). She became the Manager of the Mechanical Engineering section and a few years later replaced the Deputy Director of Marine Engineering with the Canadian Coast Guard.

In November 2022, Suzie came back to Transport Canada and took over the newly created section of Environmental Programs and Protection Standards. She manages sections responsible for Prevention of Marine Pollution, Air Pollution and Emergency Responses Organizations (MARPOL Annex I to VI) and many international engagement with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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In Memory of Vice Admiral (ret’d) Peter Cairns, CMM, CD

Vice Admiral (ret’d) Peter Cairns, CMM, CD, passed away peacefully in Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, February 18th, 2023.
Peter’s distinguished naval career began in 1956, included many seagoing appointments, command of ships, submarines and squadrons, and culminated in his appointment as the 24th Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy. Following his retirement, Peter was a driving force behind the establishment and operations of the Shipbuilding Association of Canada.

Link to Obituary: https://ottawacitizen.remembering.ca/obituary/peter-cairns-1087196059

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In Memory of Alexander Barbour

BARBOUR, Alexander P.Eng., C.Eng.
1936 – 2022

Alex, 86, of Ottawa passed away peacefully in the wee hours of the morning Monday December 5, 2022 at home with his two lads on deck.

Alex was born in Dundee, Scotland (the world’s greatest city) where he worked as a millwright and studied to become a marine engineer. He then served with Ben Line sailing the world for six years earning his Chief’s ticket. He emigrated to Canada with his English wife Rita and a “wee bairn”. Alex held a teaching position as Head of Marine Engineering at George Brown College before coming to Ottawa where he joined the department of Public Works as Chief Engineer, Marine and Industrial Conservation.

Alex’s life work was always about preservation and restoration of historic ships and machinery. It was a passion that took him from coast to coast in Canada, into the United States, to a rum distillery in Martinique and even to the Falkland Islands. He was happiest on site wearing a dirty set of overalls and a pair of work boots. His marine restoration projects included the stern wheelers S.S. Klondike, S.S. Moyie, and S.S. Tutshi. In Baddeck, N.S. his team replicated Alexander Graham Bell’s Hydrofoil HD 4. His salvage work included a 2000 Ton gold dredge (Dredge No.4) out of the permafrost in the Yukon and the preparatory work to move H.MC.S. Haida from Toronto to Hamilton. He worked with the original steam whistles from the RMS Titanic and designed the system for blowing replica whistles for the travelling TITANIC Exhibit. Closer to home he worked on restoration projects for the fences on Parliament Hill, the Mint and Rideau Hall and the preservation of the NCC’s Tin House. For a number of summers Alex could also be found at Mooney’s Bay in his white boiler suit with a big smile on his face stoking the fires of the Bytown Pumper.

Alex is survived by his loving wife Rita and their two sons Stuart and Andrew (Lauren). He supported his sons in all their endeavors. Whether it be building a dark room in the basement or building a magic apparatus, or driving them to countless hockey and soccer practices. He taught them the importance of hard work, problem solving skills, frugality and to always make time for a good laugh. He will be sadly missed by his three grandsons Isaac, Levi and Aaron, his workshop apprentice.

He was predeceased by his brother Bill (2021) (Wendy) (Carol d. 1991) and will be fondly remembered by niece Kim (Tom) and nephew Brad. He will be sadly missed in Sweden by his sister-in-law Pat (Lennart d. 2008); and his nephew Andrew and niece Catherine; and fondly remembered in England by niece Sally and partner Kerstin who have made many visits to Canada.

A special thanks to Kathleen Murphy, the engineer daughter he never had, who always had time and an ear for another “I’ll tell you a funny story” and “Just tell me old shipmates, I’m taking a trip, mates,
And I’ll see you someday, in Fiddlers’ Green” (John Connolly).

As per Alex’s wishes, his sons will spread his ashes on The Law in Dundee, Scotland.

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