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Honourary President

Bud Streeter retired as President Lloyd’s Register Canada Limited and Americas Manager of Naval Business and External Affairs at the end of 2017, capping a career of nearly 50 years in the marine business.  He is a 1973 graduate in Marine Engineering from the Canadian Coast Guard College. His early career was spent as an Engineering Officer on various ships, as an Instructor in Marine Engineering Technologies at the Canadian Coast Guard College and as a Marine Safety Surveyor, Examiner and Manager in various offices.  In 1987, he joined Marine Atlantic Inc. as Manager of Marine Technical Services.  He left as Vice President Safety and Regulatory Affairs in 1996 to join Transport Canada as Director General Marine Safety, in which capacity he was the Head of the Canadian Delegation to various meetings at the International Maritime Organization and other international gatherings. Bud joined Lloyd’s Register, a global safety and risk management organization in 2002 and held various positions with Lloyd’s Register including Vice President, Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc. responsible for Canada and as Vice President Lloyd’s Register North America Inc, responsible for business in North America and the Caribbean. He was then appointed as President Lloyd’s Register Canada Limited and concurrently as President of Martec Limited, which was a Lloyd’s Register affiliated consulting company. In 2014 he took on the role of President of Lloyd’s Register Canada Limited and Americas Regional Manager of Naval Business and External Affairs.

He has served as a Board Member for Meridian Shipping Limited and on various of the Lloyd’s Register affiliated companies.  He was appointed to the Canadian Advisory Council on National Security and served as a marine security advisor between 2005 and 2009.  In 2013, he was presented with the inaugural Medal of Excellence from the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering and was cited for his long commitment to marine safety and the mentoring of young maritime professionals.

Bud has been a member of the Board of Directors of Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping in Canada since its founding in 2014. He was elected as Chairman of the Board in February 2018. The Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping is an independent research centre that promotes safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada.

Past Presidents

CIMarE has been blessed with a number of marine notables as President including Jack Leitch, Don Challinor, and Guy Veronneau to name just three. All of these gentlemen, in their way, have provided support for our Institute and leadership in support of National Council and our Branches.

Peter Cairns 2001-2018
Thomas Ward 1996 – 2001
Guy Verroneau 1993 – 1996
R.A. Quail 1990 – 1993
J. Allan 1987 – 1990
D.W. Challinor 1983 – 1987
J. Graham Day 1982 – 1983
J.D. Leitch 1978 – 1981
E.J. Jones 1976 – 1977