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The CIMarE National Scholarship Award

The Institute’s scholarship award was created in 2014 and is intended to recognize the outstanding achievement and potential of students attending Canada’s post-secondary marine training institutions.  The value of the award is presently $3,000.

All applications will be considered. The Institute’s National Council will consider applications during its spring (April-May) meeting and announce the award at that year’s Mari-Tech Conference and Exhibition. Therefore, every year, the deadline will be March 31st.

One award will ordinarily be made annually.  Previous recipients of the scholarship may apply in successive years, provided they are continuing in a full-time program toward a marine engineering academic diploma and an operating license or certificate.

Eligibility for the scholarship award:  The award is available to all Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents enrolled on a full-time basis in a post-secondary marine engineering education and training program, which program has as its central goal the granting of a marine engineering diploma and a government-conferred marine engineering operating designation or certificate.

A primary qualifying requirement for the Award is merit, together with the candidate’s potential to succeed in a career of marine engineering.  The Council may also consider financial need in deserving applications.

Applying for the scholarship award:  Applications must be sent (in confidence) to the CIMarE National Administrator by email (admin@cimare.ca) or by mail* by March 31st.  An application letter of two pages is required (i.e. about 800 words).  Applications should ideally be accompanied by one or two letters of reference, notably from training supervisors and academic instructors, and by a transcript of academic grades in the applicant’s program to date.

*Please mail to CIMarE, 18 Cheviot Hill, Porters Lake, NS B3E 1K1


This trust annually awards a scholarship to a deserving student in a field of engineering related to Marine Engineering. The Trust is administered by the Vancouver and Vancouver Island Branches of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering. Two awards are given annually:

  • $2,000 for a student in any year of marine engineering
  • $500 for a student in first year of marine engineering

There is no formal application; candidates must submit as a minimum:

  • Career objectives
  • Employment background
  • Education history and proof of marks
  • References

The successful candidate is required to write to the Trustees after one year, to inform them of their progress and how the award was used.

Applicants are required to be:

  • Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant
  • Studying or employed (while going to school) in the field of marine engineering in Canada

Applications need to be delivered by April 5th.

Mail to:

Chairman of Trustees
Denis Cressey Marine Engineering Scholarship Trust
568 Evergreen Place
North Vancouver, BC
V7N 2Z2

The awards will be presented at the March meeting of CIMarE’s Vancouver Branch. The successful candidates will be required to attend the meeting. If they are not able to, because of job commitments or location, the cheque will be mailed out.

A scholarship foundation for students pursuing careers in marine engineering or naval architecture has been created by Mrs. Nancy Challinor in memory of her late husband, Donald W. Challinor, noted marine engineer and shipyard executive.

Scholarships are awarded by the Foundation’s Trustees, which include executives of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering and the Shipbuilding Association of Canada. At least three scholarships may be awarded annually, and it is intended to reserve one for each of: Western Canada (British Columbia and the Prairie Provinces & Territories); Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec); and the Atlantic Provinces, provided eligible applications are received from each region.

Scholarships will be awarded to graduates of the penultimate year (i.e. 3rd year of a 4-year program, or 2nd year of a 3-year program, etc.) of courses in naval architecture or marine engineering, as described herein.

Applications will be judged on the basis of:

  • Penultimate year marks in engineering and science subjects
  • Motivation to a career in marine technology
  • Character.

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student applying must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a Canadian citizen, and have been for at least three years prior to application
  • Be resident in Canada
  • Have satisfactorily completed, or received credits at a recognized Canadian university, community college or marine institute for all but the final year in a program leading to recognized qualifications in naval architecture or marine engineering. (i.e. degree, diploma, D.O.T. certification).

The value of scholarships and the number to be awarded each year will be determined by the trustees. The total value available is dependent upon the Foundation’s net earnings each year.

Applications should be submitted by May 31st in accordance with the attached Application Instructions.

Donald W. Challinor Mémorial Foundation – French
The Donald W. Challinor Memorial Scholarship Foundation – English

For further information, please contact Gerry Lanigan, Trustee Tel: (613) 829-5078 or email gerrylanigan@sympatico.ca.