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A meeting with a technical paper will be held on Tuesday June 11th 2019.

Terragon Environmental Technologies

Terragon Environmental Technologies was created to develop simple appliances that enable any habitat to treat its own waste locally with no environmental damage. Terragon is revolutionizing off-grid sustainability by enabling any habitat to stop exporting waste and use it locally to generate valuable resources.

  • MAGSTM is the best solution for MARPOL Annex V regulations.  Terragon patented technology will reduce the waste volume by over 95%, but more interestingly, it will convert this waste into useful energy that can be integrated back into the vessel
  • WETTTM-O is a patent-pending technology for oily bilgewater treatment. It is fully automated with a rapid start-up, which does not use filters, adsorption media, membranes, chemicals or biological treatment. WETT-O is based on a marinized advanced electrocoagulation approach.

Terragon is developing and commercializing practical, inexpensive and environmentally safe appliances that can be used by anyone to generate energy and water from materials previously considered waste. https://terragon.net/our-company/

PRESENTER: Dr. Theodora Alexakis, VP Business Development – Dr. Alexakis is a Chemical Engineer who has led the development and commercialization of several waste treatment technologies for nearly 25 years. Dr. Alexakis has worked with Terragon for 11 years, initially leading the development of MAGS and, more recently, leading the development of new applications for MAGS as well as the development of new waste-to-resource products.

Venue of Meeting: TERRAGON at 651 rue Bridge, Montreal, H3K 2C8

Program:  12:00 to 13:00 visit and presentation

Your confirmation (by the 7th of June) of attending this event is solicited to make proper seating and lunch arrangements.  Please respond soonest at pboisclair@mie-solutions.ca

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