DATE: THURSDAY, February 17th, 2021

TIME: 12:15 Atlantic (8:15 Pacific, 11:15 Eastern, 12:45 NFLD)

Conversion of a Cape Islander to Battery Electric Hybrid, before and after emissions study


Glas Ocean Electric has worked with Transport Canada, Canadian Maritime Engineering and others to complete a study on the impact of electrifying a fishing boat on air emissions, noise emissions and power use in normal operation. The boat was converted to an electric parallel -battery hybrid capable of operating in electric or diesel mode on command. The presentation will include discussion of the dramatic drop in hydrocarbon emissions and underwater noise as well as detailing the process for converting a boat and collecting the required data.


Dr. Sue Molloy,

Dr. Sue Molloy, holds a PhD in Naval Architectural and Ocean Engineering and is the CEO/president of Glas Ocean Electric (GOE), a Nova Scotia-based company seeking ways to electrify marine assets to reduce emissions during operation and provide vehicle to grid opportunities. In 2021 Sue and her team won the Lieutenant Governor’s award for Excellence in Engineering. Sue is a board member of the Council of Canadian Academies, a former elected member of Engineers Nova Scotia and recently completed her term as a co-chair for Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Discovery Grant program. Sue is an active reviewer for the US Department of Energy, Canadian national programs, many journals and is a passionate award-winning member of standards committees in the IEC and ISO. Sue is currently the Canadian Chair of ISO TC 8, Ships and Marine Technology and is the international convenor for the IEC committee focused on river turbine performance.

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