Thursday, 16 September is our first in-person meeting in close to two years, and it will be a good one!

Point Hope Maritime is courteously hosting VI branch’s September meeting with a tour of their Harbour Road Yard in the upper harbor.

We’ll assemble inside the gate nearest the Johnson St.  Bridge (Old Blue….) for an 1830 tour start. 

Parking will be inside the yard gate to the right, one of us will be there to guide you.


Cyclists coming off the bridge ramp at the head of the yard’s driveway can be a real hazard! They are coasting, fast, and often don’t realize that cars are transiting their bike lanes. Be very alert and cautious as you make the turn into the yard.

AND A REMINDER;   Dress for the weather.   We’ll be walking outside. Gloves may be useful, sturdy walking shoes are suggested (no open toes or heels!).  Bring a mask so that if we go inside we can be compliant with health directives.

For those of you not familiar with the yard, it is a full-service yard, with a full machine shop, assembly hall, welding shop, electrical shop, and a sophisticated painting prep and application crew.  Vessels are hauled on a 1200 ton marine railway to a turntable, then the vessels are shunted onto spur tracks where the work is done. They have a fully compliant waste water treatment system, and use advanced hoarding and noise abatement systems to minimize their impact on nearby neighbourhoods.

Sam Johnson, the Production Technical Manager, will guide the tour.  He will also describe some of their future plans —it’s quite a vision.

We may be able to get aboard a vessel(s) on the hard, depending on what vessels are hauled that evening.



Bill Wallace, VI Branch Comms, for the Executive Committee