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Designing Green Vessels for Green Projects

As sustainability regulations are tightening, the need for a greener energy production value chain grows. Reducing ship operation emissions is a necessary part of this.

We dive into how recent developments in fuel cells and how they can be used to reduce global and local emissions. Using real life examples from ABB’s activities in R&D and hydrogen fuel cells pilot projects, we will also present how fuel cells can be scaled up for high power ranges.


Jostein Bogen

Vice President, Global Product Manager Energy Storage & Fuel cells ,

ABB Marine & Ports

+47 952 91 394


Based in Oslo, Norway

History and background:

Jostein Bogen is currently Vice President, Global Product Manager Energy Storage & Fuel Cells with ABB Marine, based in Oslo. His background includes 25 years of diverse experience in the Maritime industries in Ship Automation, Navigation and Propulsion, of which the last 20 years have been in ABB. He has held various positions in ABB, including Business development, R&D, Sales & Project Management within ABB Marine & Ports.