St. Lawrence Branch – June 9th 2020


Speaker: Kamen Stoykov, Marine Sales M.A.N Canada

Subject:  Marine Decarbonization through Power-to-X and Transition to Alternative Fuels. Future propulsion of ships.”

Synopsis: Emissions of seagoing vessels are more than ever gaining both the public attention and focus of the authorities.  IMO has formulated emissions regulations roadmaps, however, a further, crucial emission management requirement may be coming soon: the reduction of emission of greenhouse effect gases (GHGs) in global shipping. Global warming certainly has a global scale, yet different countries/regions/operators, due to their individual conditions, may prefer different alternatives for dealing with it.

In light of the significant energy demand of global shipping, paired with the specific needs of ocean traveling, synthetic fuels such as Hydrogen, (H2), synthetic methane, methanol, and others, recently gained focus in both press and industry. To reach sustainable carbon reduced or carbon-free shipping through these fuels, the PtX technology is crucial. It encircles the energy value chain from, (preferably renewably created), electricity through electrolysis, potentially, to various forms of carbon-free fuels and chemical storage.

While using these fuels is mostly technologically feasible today, various difficulties and regulatory needs have to be fulfilled before PtX can get a substantial hold in the market. The aspects of the different development options shall be discussed in this contribution. Diesel cycle engines will likely remain the main enablers to achieve carbon-free shipping.

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