TIME: 10:30 am EST (6:30 am PACIFIC, 11:30 am ATLANTIC, 12:00 pm NFLD)

Team Arctic Finland – Integrated, optimized and innovative solutions, 

Finland with its frozen seas has more than a century of experiences in ice operations and in recent decades has made major steps in related technologies. Team Arctic Finland is a consortium of 10 companies and organizations with strong competence, leading products and services, and credible references in harsh environments. The expertise of Team Arctic Finland lies in energy, mining, marine, shipping and infrastructure segments. In the maritime and offshore sectors the consortium provides expertise in vessel design and shipbuilding, automation solutions and logistics support services, which will be presented.

Reliable operations in the Arctic by Steerprop, Mr. Hannu Jukola, Propulsion specialist and Sales Manager at Steerprop, Steerprop

Tools to increase reliability and safety in arctic operations: Precise solutions based on experience and expertise ensures reliability in the most demanding applications and environments. Predictive maintenance provides preventability and safety in the remote operating areas.

Solutions for low emission and carbon neutral shipping, Mr. Mark Keneford, General Manager, Marine Solutions Sales, Wärtsilä

The energy sources at hand including alternative fuels and fuel flexibility are as important elements on the road to de-carbonisation as data and new technologies. Fuel flexibility, enabled by the combustion engine, is more important now than ever, de-risking today’s investment decisions. We need to invest in future fuels where applicable (and complementary energy sources). With existing products, solutions and infrastructure at hand we can reach the 2030 if we act now – for 2050 targets there must be further development done. LNG is the best route to de-carbonisation, transitioning from fossil LNG to bio- and synthetic LNG.


Mikko Niini, Senior Advisor / Team Arctic Finland (Gaia Consulting)

Chairman of Navidom Oy tanker shipping company. Chairman of Rauma Marine Constructions Oy (Rauma shipyard), Chairman of Finnish Maritime Association. He is today also member of the boards of dry bulk shipping company ESL Shipping Oy, Finnish Sail Training Association and Managing Director of his own Arctic & Maritime
Consultancy Vientistrategit Oy. He currently acts as chair for Arctic Economic Council’s Working Group on Maritime Transports. He is member of SNAME, RINA and STG.

Contact: mikko.niini@kolumbus.fi, Mobile +358 400 322 747


Hannu Jukola, Propulsion specialist and Senior Sales Manager at Steerprop

Since graduating as Naval Architect in 1990 from Helsinki University of Technology, where I majored in Ship Design and Hydrodynamics, I have been working with propulsion aspects, specializing in propeller design. Nowadays I have the pleasure of splitting my attention between sales activities and discussions over propulsion aspects with other Naval Architects. It is especially intriguing to be able to follow a ship project starting from the first marketing contact followed by sales negotiations to model tests, propeller design and finally sea trials.

Contact: hannu.jukola@steerprop.com, Mobile +358 40 838 8643


Mark Keneford, General Manager, Marine Solutions Sales Canada / Wärtsilä


Mark Keneford has been with Wartsila for 10 years. Mark is responsible for Wartsila Marine Solutions sales across Canada and works with shipowners, design companies, shipyards and various regulatory and other marine stakeholders in addressing solutions to meet their challenges.

Contact: mark.keneford@wartsila.com, Mobile +1 514 247 5940