I am writing to inform you that the Government of Canada has launched an open selection process to fill the Chairperson position (part-time) of the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA) board of directors.

As such, I would ask that you share this opportunity with your professional network or members of your community/organization, as applicable, to ensure that they are aware of this selection process and have the opportunity to participate.

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (Great Lakes Pilotage Authority Canada) is a Crown corporation based in Cornwall, Ontario. Its mandate is to establish, operate, maintain, and administer a safe and efficient marine pilotage within designated Canadian waters in the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes Region. The Board is responsible for the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority’s strategic planning, including its business plan, finances, and overall stewardship, which involves the identification of major risks, succession planning and the setting up of an information system to meet its requirements. The Chairperson leads the Board in planning and managing its activities and fulfilling its responsibilities, serves as a primary interface with the Chief Executive Officer and the Minister responsible of the Crown Corporation and represents the Board and the Authority to outside parties as appropriate. Further information on the organization can be found on the GLPA website.

The review of applications will begin on January 28, 2020. Interested candidates must apply online via the Governor in Council Appointments website.

Please feel free to reach out if you require further information.